What is mindfulness?                                                                             

Mindfulness is often described as being present in a non-judgmental way with what arises. This is  the necessary beginning, a step away from the well-worn paths of habit, heedlessness and reactivity.


Being present is like entering the gate to the garden of the heart-mind. With consistent presence, we begin to see, however,  that we are not just visitors strolling through and enjoying the view. Instead, awareness reveals that we are caretakers of this garden-plot where thoughts are the seeds of actions.


As caretakers,

we protect it with fences and nets, keeping out what might cause harm,

we pull the weeds that are finding a foothold,

we plant what is beautiful,

we nourish and care for these so they grow stronger.


These are the 4 Great Efforts the Buddha taught. In a mindful moment, we are not passive, but proactive. The garden we tend with industry and perseverance is where happiness takes root.



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