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My name is Bonnie Ryan-Fisher and I'm a long-time meditator and Buddhist practitioner. In January, 2016 I  received the Pali name of  Sumana,  from Ajahn Sona at Birken Forest Monastery in Kamloops, where I am engaged in longterm Upasika training. (Upasika means "one who sits near" and refers to dedicated lay practitioners who take on training in rituals and traditions, and study of teachings  from the monastic community. For more on the meaning of "Sumana", click on: What's in a Name? (written 2016) Read more: mindful-moment.webnode.com/blog/links-to-individual-articles/ )   Since 2012, I have been leading meditation classes in the local community of Whitecourt.

I  have completed basic and advanced levels of  Yin Teacher training under the skilled tutelage of Joe Barnett, a senior student of Paul Grilley and have been teaching yin classes since 2014.

The people I meet in both meditation and yin classes are turning toward mindfulness, putting in effort to be more present in their lives. I too am on this journey. In my blog passages, gathas I post, and reviews of books important in my practice, I share a variety of thoughts and experiences that have unfolded over a couple of decades of practice. I invite you to explore in the hopes that you will find moments that speak to your life now.

My "home" is the Theravada school of Buddhism, though I have some experience in other meditation disciplines. My own practice began in the 90’s, gaining momentum to become what I think of now as “the container for my life”. I attend several retreats a year and maintain a daily sitting practice. My study of Dhamma (teachings) is ongoing; it is a joy to share with others and a blessing to be learning from a growing local sangha (community).



Though I write and publish widely, in many forms, the following publications are relevant to this site:


“Reflections on the 'S' Word” (essay) in Zen Words: A Newsletter about Buddhist Practice, Vol 1, Issue 1, Oct. 2004

“Seeking a Sangha” (essay) in Zen Words: A Newsletter about Buddhist Practice, Vol.1, Issue 2, Nov. 2004

“Beginnings” (essay) in Zen Words: A Newsletter about Buddhist Practice, Vol.1, Issue 4, Jan. 2005

“I Think I'm a Buddhist” (essay) in Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly, Winter 2012

“Training in Mindfulness” (article) in WestWord, Magazine of the Writer's Guild of Alberta, Vol 35, No. 5, Sept-Oct, 2015

“Discovering the Three Jewels in Rural Alberta” (essay) in Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women,  from Sumeru Press, 2015

Lotus Petals is available for sale at the publisher's site as well as Amazon and Indigo


and my book:

Mindful Moment: 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises and Reflections , published by Sumeru Press, Feb. 2018

For more information  click here: mindful-moment.webnode.com/my-book/