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Who I Am (written 2018)

13/09/2018 09:38
Today I am thinking about how my sense of who I am is preventing me from finding space in my life. I am not ready to carve out that space yet, but for a couple of weeks I have understood where the emotional waves are coming from. I don't like making these choices. I don't like letting go of what I...

Everyday Mindfulness (written 2018)

06/09/2018 10:58
Ordinary, everyday mindfulness requires diligence. At a retreat I attended a number of years ago a teacher gave advice that has proven extremely helpful for me. She said to attend to only what is relevant to the task at hand. Since that time, I've passed this advice on to others and worked to apply...

Talking Outloud (written 2018)

30/08/2018 10:03
Only you know if you do this too. My mom used to talk to herself. I remember laughing when I'd come across her in the kitchen muttering to herself about something she'd misplaced. I've discovered, as I age, that this habit of hers, just like so many others I found amusing way back when, has become...

Denialism (written 2018)

23/08/2018 08:42
“In the psychology of human behavior, denialism is a person's choice to deny reality, as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth.” (Wikipedia)   An interview I heard recently listed, as examples of denialism, deniers of historical events or scientific discoveries such as Flat...

Selfies (written 2018)

16/08/2018 09:32
I've had a “real” cell phone, as opposed to the flip phone my hubby and I shared for more than a decade, for less than a year. To my surprise, I like it. I like the texting and the easy portable searches, especially for directions and maps. And I like the camera. But I haven't mastered the selfie....

Starting Gate (written 2018)

09/08/2018 08:23
It's a complicated world. Even with the wish to simplify, it can seem impossible not to be faced with many “necessary” obligations, and confronted by multiple “unnecessary” hurdles. The simultaneous arrival of reminders to renew vehicle registration, replacement cards to be verified, some item that...

Music Moves In (written 2018)

02/08/2018 07:44
If I were asked to compose a list of things I love to do, none of the usual tasks involved in house cleaning would appear there. There may well be people out there who just naturally love to polish windows or vacuum carpets or (shudder) dust shelves, but I'm not one of them. Still, years ago when I...

Sting (written 2018)

26/07/2018 08:14
Coming out of the garage last week, my hubby happened to look up and made a troublesome discovery: a quite large and active hornets' nest hanging from the eaves. Oh dear!   Now in the past, dealing with this problem would fall inside my husband's domain. He's always been the handyman and...

Points of View (written 2018)

19/07/2018 07:37
Life is especially full these days and time for “me” isn't easy to come by. When I feel the tickling of ego's demands, I come back to some simple and effective methods related to metta or loving kindness practice but that also inevitably incorporate reminders of anatta, the not-self that is so...

Ontario Events

15/07/2018 09:32
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