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15/07/2018 09:32

Still Centre (written 2003)

12/07/2018 08:11
Last night before sleeping I continued to read A Gift From the Sea, a lovely “meditation” written by a woman on vacation from her life as mother and wife. A central image she uses rang so true for me: the woman needing to the the “still centre”. Of the home, of the family, I think she means,...

Quiet (written 2018)

05/07/2018 18:03
Outside my window the wide springy branches of a spruce tree bounce and jostle in the wind. From time to time this afternoon rain has fallen as well. Inside, I'm warm and dry, steeped in the silence of my home such that only the click of my fingers on the keyboard, and occasionally the shuffle of...

The Coach on the Couch (written 2018)

28/06/2018 07:54
I am grateful right now for two teachers who live with me. Both have four legs; one has serious brown eyes, the softest curly hair imaginable, a playful nature and demanding attitude; the other is given to complaining, fluctuates between deep affection and snotty aggression, seeks my lap any time I...

Retiring (written 2018)

21/06/2018 07:41
Yesterday in the afternoon, in a lull between sporadic rain showers, we sat for awhile in the bright sun in our yard. It was late enough in the day that the busy sounds of mowers and chain saws and traffic on the road were absent. We live far enough out not to hear the reverberations of the...

Prickly Mind (written 2018)

14/06/2018 08:27
The great difficulty with seeing clearly is that we are embedded, permeated, marinated in our conditioning and our habits. When life runs along as it mostly has always done, we don't have occasion to see where our prickly points are, where we've laid claim and built walls. The changing conditions...

Hide and Seek (written 2018)

07/06/2018 08:25
The weather has been moody lately. A few days back, blazing sun and buzzing mosquitoes greeted me on outdoor excursions, now it's a sky layered in clouds, with brooding purple on the horizon and a chill wind making the tree branches dance. That's in the outside world.   The weather inside has...

This Language (written 2018)

31/05/2018 08:07
 I don't speak a second language. Often wish now that I did but my parents were uni-lingual and English was the language of my home and culture. Could have learned at school, where I took French in my junior high years and Latin in highschool, but like a hot house flower, the smattering of...

Unreasonable Happiness (written 2018)

24/05/2018 09:06
In a Dhamma talk I listened to a few days ago, my teacher referred to equanimity as “unreasonable” happiness, a happiness not dependent on reasons, that is, external causes. I've been pondering this more or less relentlessly since. While we will accept strange flights of mood in ourselves, feeling...

Mothers and More (written 2018)

17/05/2018 08:14
It's Mother's Day in Canada as I sit down to write this. Next month we will celebrate Father's Day. These official days to mark our regard for parents are often marked on national calendars in different lands, though the dates may vary. As usual I find that on this day, missing my own mother, being...
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