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03/09/2014 16:44

   Meditation Class at Evermore Yoga and Wellness

  10:00 Friday mornings



Retreats and Events in Edmonton Area

26/03/2014 17:06

  Happy Hearts Mindfulness group in Edmonton 

 The sweet souls at Yoga Within have opened their space to us for Sunday evening sits from 5:00pm to 6:15pm (9014 75th Street NW).  Our current schedule can be found on our website.


Mindfulness: Mid-week
Kat Boehm will be offering Mindfulness Meditation at Treetop Yoga Studio
(formerly Shanti Yoga Studio) located at 10026-102 St. NW, Edmonton, every Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm by donation.  All are welcome. Props are limited so please bring your own cushion and mat if you have.

Weekend Non-Residential Meditation Retreat with Anne Mahoney
Theme: Compassion for Self and Other
Retreat Dates: April 20th to 22nd, 2018

Compassion, the second of the four Brahma Viharas, is a heartfelt response to suffering - our own and that of others - involving both empathy and the desire for all beings to be free from suffering. Compassion allows us to meet suffering without without fear, anxiety, or worry and to hold the pain gently, with love and understanding.
Co-hosted by Jill Koziey Counselling
Location: St. Stephen's College, Edmonton, Alberta
Cost: *$75 (lunch on Saturday included) + ** Dana
Contact person and to register: Jill Koziey by email:
Limited spaces available.





















Retreats and Workshops in the Calgary Area

27/04/2014 17:59

Heather Martin is offering a retreat in Calgary on:

              June 11 – 16, Residential retreat,





Retreats in BC

26/03/2014 17:08

Various retreats at Birken Forest Monastery:

Visit for details, guidelines and registration for all of these retreat options.


July 20-22 Absolute Beginners Retreat (registration closes May 31)

Sept. 28-Oct.7 Ten Day Silent Retreat for Experienced Meditators (registration closes June 30)

Dec. 23- Jan 2 Ten Day Metta Retreat for Experienced Meditators (registration closes Sept. 30)


Open for booking of personal retreats as well. 








Saskatchewan retreats

03/12/2017 11:17