Gathas for Ordinary Moments


Gathas are short verses that capture an ordinary life moment with the purpose of supporting mindfulness. Teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Robert Aitken compose beautiful gathas and share them in their teachings. Over the years of my own practice I have often composed gathas as a way of representing something that is arising for me that I want to be especially aware of, or moments that have an inherent clarity and stillness that is a model for what I seek in each moment of the day. I don't consider myself a poet, but I don't think that is necessary for this practice itself to be supportive of mindfulness. So, here I will post from time to time some of my own gathas. Because of the "nothing special" quality of the moments captured, it may be that you too have experienced a moment like the one described. If so, it is my hope that the verse is useful in bringing clear seeing to that experience.  Perhaps you will even be moved to write some of these short verses of your own. 


Seeing the pleasure arise as I taste my morning coffee

I breathe and remember

To recall the presence and labor of so many

Behind each sweet moment life offers.

What do dreams mean?

The mind's pockets emptied at day's end

Such clutter and confusion -

There'll be more tomorrow.

If sorrow should well for a moment

I breathe and remember

To feel fully its pain and power

Then return to the peace of this breath.