How many retreats I have taught in the pristine and protected environment of a monastery or
retreat centre, only to hear the inevitable question at the end, “How can I bring this into my
everyday life?” Well, here is some fine writing to give you an idea how it is done.
Ajahn Sona, Birken Forest Monastery
A wonderful book full of wisdom and practical ideas for living every day. Whether you are on a
path or considering one you will find helpful observations and insightful nuggets.
Michael Kerman, MSW, Founding Director Leading Edge Seminars
With wisdom born from lived experience and philosophical wonder, Ryan-Fisher's personal
reflections on mindfulness are poetic, insightful and relatable.
Kurt Zubatiuk, Dip TIRP, Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO)
An inspiring and beautiful sharing of a personal spiritual journey through daily life experiences
with the Dhamma as foundation. Highly recommended!
Jayanta (Shirley Johannesen), Sakyadhita Canada
Bonnie Ryan-Fisher offers practical and transformative insights from more than twenty years
experience on the Buddhist path.
 Ted Meissner, The Secular Buddhist Podcast
Ryan-Fisher has given us a window into her gentle weaving of Buddhist wisdom and kindness
into the minutiae of daily life. She is an inspiration and guide for us to discover how to bring this
attention and kindness into our own lives.
 Daryl Lynn Ross, Founding Director, True North Insight


This is the link to a podcast interview on the topic of my book and mindfulness in general. Interviewer is Ted Meissner for The Secular Buddhist.