Blog Pause and Changes Teaser (2018)

20/12/2018 08:24



As of this week, with 2018 drawing to a close, the weekly blog I've been posting here for four years will take a pause. Although it may happen that I post from time to time, I will not hold myself to the weekly commitment I've had so far.


In making space for the changes in my personal life that are ongoing, I have found that other things have also been simmering. My plan over the months to come is to explore these ideas further and to add new pages to this website with a variety of offerings to support the mindfulness practice of readers. Won't say much now as I'm unsure which of several ideas will take flight. Asking for your patience and counting on your curiosity and interest in mindfulness and Dhamma practice to bring you back now and then to check in. I will draw attention to new items on the homepage as they are launched and will post to Facebook as well for those who follow there.


Meanwhile, all past blog posts and Ajahn Sona's brief Dhamma talks will continue to be available here as will updated event listings, meditation class and bookclub schedules, and the list of mindfulness tips. I hope this site continues as a staple in your virtual practice community, and that new offerings will be welcome supports. As always, I invite you to get in touch via the “contact me” page with questions, suggestions, feedback, or practice conversation.


May the holidays be happy, may you all be well and may 2019 hold blessings aplenty and contentment most of all...