Bookclub plan for fall 2018-spring 2019


2nd Thurs. of each month as our set date, though, as always, we'll modify when necessary around the schedules of those involved. We'll set location for first meeting closer to. Time 7:00 p.m.


From Sept -Jan.:


Ajahn Sucitto, Turning the Wheel of Truth: Commentary on the Buddha's First Teaching:

This would be a new kind of undertaking for us as Ajahn Sucitto takes the actual sutta step by step, unpacking the Buddha's words and augmenting from his own experience. Getting into the original teachings and to the first teaching the Buddha gave after his awakening would be a new adventure for the group.


You will need to purchase this book:

from Shambhala $20 ish hard copy


also Amazon kindle and paperback



From Feb – June:


Ajahn Thiradhammo, Contemplations on the Seven Factors of Awakening

...available in various e formats, including printable PDF


Unfortunately no print copies of this book are available unless you are able to track one second hand. I have an author-approved PDF file ready for printing that I will send to those who wish to have it. Still looking into group printing options. 


This book is a straight forward discussion of a central Buddhist  teaching list, supplemented with suggestions for students of the path. Thiradhammo wrote the book on the Hindrances that we studied a couple years back. My primary teacher, Ajahn Sona, suggests that the two central lists to guide our mindfulness are the 5 Hindrances and 7 Factors of Awakening. So this seems a practical, helpful choice.


Our Meeting Schedule

Turning the Wheel


Thurs. Sept. 13 (Intro, the Sutta,Chapters 1,2,3 ) 

Thurs. Oct. 11 (Chapters 4,5,6,7 ) 

Thurs. Nov. 15 (Chapters 8,9,10) 

Thurs. Dec. 13 (Chapters 11,12, 13, 14) 

Thurs. Jan. 10 (Chapters 15, 16, 17, 18) 



Seven Factors of Awakening


Thurs. Feb. 21 (Intro, General Instructions for Medit., Mindfulness) 

Thurs. Mar. 14 (Investigation, Energy) 

Thurs. Apr. 11( Joy, Tranquility) 

Thurs. May 9 (Concentration, Equanimity) at Pat's

Thurs. June 13 ( Seven Together, Awakening)